Frank Recruitment Group hires expert yogi to further wellbeing initiatives

Frank Recruitment Group is taking further steps to prioritize wellbeing by hiring an in-house resident yogi, Jacquie Smith, Founder and Owner of Little Adapts by Jax.

Winning the National Best and Brightest in Wellness award for 2019 and 2020, it is no secret wellbeing is at the top of Frank Recruitment Group’s list. The Employee Engagement team secures a yearly wellbeing plan that benefits all employees. We tailor to our employees’ wants and needs, offering something for everyone. Whether it be a nutrition seminar accompanied by a free healthy lunch or a spin-class in the heart of NYC, we offer it all. Employee Engagement team members are located across the globe, helping us identify what works for each region and implement activities accordingly.

Frank Recruitment Group’s established wellness plan includes Wellbeing Wednesday where all employees are encouraged to disconnect at 4.30pm, free virtual fitness classes during COVID-19, 24-hour employee assistance lines, running clubs, nutrition seminars, in-office yoga classes, group sports activities, and a business podcast focused on wellbeing and mental health.
A little bit about our resident yogi: Jacquie Smith began working with us in 2019, providing nutrition seminars for our NYC staff. Jacquie was featured on episode 4 of our business podcast, Frankly FRG, where she provided the top 10 tips to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Jacquie is thrilled to be joining as our resident yogi, providing monthly live-streamed fitness classes for all employees and valuable wellness tips and tricks, We look forward to welcoming Jacquie as our US wellness provider and guarantee our staff will love working with her!

If you’re interested in learning more about our resident yogi or hosting an event in your region, please contact a member of the Employee Engagement team,

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