Tech’s Leading Women

A new video series on lessons in gender, culture, and building an inclusive workplace.

Tech’s Leading Women is a vodcast inspired by a whitepaper published by our Women in Tech division, which explores key issues facing women in the tech industry today.

Across six episodes, we delve into some of these topics in more detail by bringing together thought leaders and pioneers from across the tech world to share their unique experiences, observations, and insights.

This is a must-watch for anyone working in tech who wants to drive change in the ecosystem and make it a more diverse and inclusive space for all.

Episode guide

Ep 1. The new hybrid workplace

Available 7 March

Moderator: Zoë Morris

Guests: Leisa Docherty (Causeway Technology) and Fiona Harvey (Tisski)

Ep 2. Are we looking in the right place for talent?

Available 14 March 2022

Moderator: Nabila Salem

Guests: Stuart Mills (Trailhead), Barbara Gottardi (WEDLVR), and Olli Wynyard Gonfond (PwC)

Ep 3. Nurturing the missing middle

Available 21 March 2022

Moderator: Zoë Morris

Guests: Mary Chaney (Minorities in Cybersecurity) and Jeanne Cuff (ISG)

Ep 4. The role of the CEO

Available 28 March 2022

Moderator: Rosie Ifould

Guests: Tia Dubuisson (Belle Fleur), Katarina M.V Galic (Women in Tech Commission), and Vicky Critchley (Bam Boom Cloud)

Ep 5. Allyship

Available 4 April 2022

Moderator: Kashif Naqshbandi

Guests: Dax Grant (Global Transform), Sara Lui (The Dream Collective), and Annie Gardner (Slalom)

Ep 6. Season finale: Zoë Morris interviews Dame Stephanie Shirley, CH

Available 11 April 2022 

Interviewer: Zoë Morris

Guest: Dame Stephanie Shirley, CH

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Tech's Leading Women

Nine lessons on gender, culture, and building an inclusive workforce