Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

What we stand for

Our mission

To enable a diverse culture of equality and inclusion, where each individual’s contribution is respected, valued, and encouraged.

Our vision

To champion parity of opportunities in our business and in technology and empower our customers to build inclusive teams.

Our core values

Accountability, Entrepreneurialism, Expertise, Inclusivity, Opportunity, Tenacity

Diversity Matters

We believe that great minds think differently and that diversity is the key to success. We aim to reflect society's diversity within our business and make the tech industry more accessible to everyone.

Our internal Diversity Matters program

Since launching our Diversity Matters program, we have focused on giving our employees a platform to share their opinions, drive change, and support the diversity pillars that are most important to them.

Using the data we collected from our internal Diversity Matters Survey, we have implemented two major employee-led initiatives:

Regional committees

Our employee-led committees ensure that our Diversity Matters program is relevant to everyone across our worldwide organization, with members generating ideas specific to their region.

Employee social groups

Our Social Groups bring employees together in an informal setting based on shared characteristics, experiences, and interests. Colleagues can share personal stories, seek advice, and learn more about the diverse world around them.

Our external Diversity Matters program

Inclusive recruitment practice The hiring landscape is changing, and inclusive recruitment practices are now essential to increasing workplace diversity. Thanks to our customer-centric approach and niche expertise – we are at the forefront of that change.
  • We publish career and hiring guides and white papers crammed with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion insights across the global ecosystem. Find out more about our career and hiring guides.
  • We are major sponsors of flagship diversity and inclusion events and invest millions into marketing activities and specialist female-focused channels.
  • We spearheaded the Digital Revolution Awards in 2021 to celebrate excellence in Cloud technology, with dedicated ED&I award categories

Women in Tech

Reports suggest that the number of women in tech roles is fewer than 20%, but we are working on changing that.

Our Women in Tech recruitment team is dedicated to shaping a more inclusive workforce by championing outstanding female talent in technology. We also work with employers and job seekers to create opportunities for all by building a more diverse talent pipeline.


We support various events, initiatives, and organizations worldwide that promote Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion within the tech and recruitment industries. Some of these include:

Awards and recognition

We are incredibly proud of the recognition we’ve achieved for our efforts in driving change within the tech and recruitment communities. Our accolades include: DataBird Business Journal’s Best Companies for Women Award (Frank Recruitment Group); DataBird Business Journal’s Top Female Executive of the Year Award (Zoë Morris); and Women in Tech Excellence – Diversity Employer of the Year (Revolent)

Let's chat about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

For any Diversity, Equality and Inclusion related inquiries, contact Caroline Fox, Global EDI Strategy Lead, at c.fox@frankgroup.com
Alternatively, email Frank Recruitment Group at DiversityMatters@frankgroup.com or contact Revolent at DiversityMatters@revolentgroup.com