Talent creation and reskilling

Developing the tech talent of tomorrow

Revolent is the world-leading cloud talent creation arm of our business

Our purpose is to make a tech career more accessible to people from a broader range of backgrounds. By driving more diverse talent into the ecosystem, we’re also reducing the digital skills gap and boosting a candidate-short market.

Through a two-year program that combines fully-funded training and certifications with practical experience – we recruit, train, place, and develop Salesforce and AWS talent, fuelling the market with the next generation of certified professionals.

We work with vendor customers and partners to hand-pick their future employees and deliver a highly intensive and customizable training program that ensures they are business-ready from day one.

This flexible and cost-effective staffing solution enables our customers to build diverse cloud teams with less risk and better talent.

How Revolent delivers

  • Our hubs in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia offer a truly global solution
  • A high-value, low-risk model that can be scaled up or down
  • Custom pricing model based on the consultant’s skills and experience, length of the contract, and project size
  • Consultants come with an average of 4.5 years’ commercial experience

Training and talent partnerships driving change

  • Revolent is a Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider, hand-selected as an industry-leading Salesforce training partner
  • We’re a partner of Copado, the leading native DevOps platform for Salesforce, with DevOps training integrated into our existing training
  • Part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance as a Salesforce training partner, pledging to adopt hiring practices that drive diversity and inclusion in the ecosystem

Ready to hire cloud talent for your tech team?