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Tech's Leading Women

Nine lessons on gender, culture, and building an inclusive workforce

Featuring insights from 36 of the UK tech industry’s most senior female leaders, this brand-new white paper offers valuable lessons on how businesses can support women in the tech space, remove barriers to progression, and close the sector’s burgeoning skills gap.

Insights from pioneering women in tech

Current figures suggest that only 9% of senior leadership roles in tech are held by women.

This report examines some of the most significant barriers to progression and identifies nine key areas where organizations can focus their efforts to remove those barriers.

Our interviewees are heading up IT teams at some of the UK’s best-known institutions, from leading financial organizations and tech giants to major charities and cultural establishments, including:

Sarah Greasley

CTO, Direct Line Group

Sheridan Ash, MBE

Women in Technology lead at PWC and co-founder of Tech She Can

Cheryl Newton

CIO, Metro Bank

Alison Davis

CIO, The Natural History Museum

Tiffany Hall

CIO, Cancer Research UK

Wendy Spencer

Partner Architect Manager, Microsoft

Amanda Gosling

VP, Capgemini Invent

A profile of our interviewees

Actionable advice from senior tech leaders on

Succession planning

Mentoring and allyship

Building engagement and trust

Re-evaluating typical routes into tech

Flexible working

“We talk a lot about getting more women into tech, but we don’t always do a good job at looking at what women we already have. If we want to get more senior women then we have to look at how we’re promoting.”

Cheryl Newton | CIO, Metro Bank

“You need a top down approach to bring a genuine change. Firstly, leaders should look at fair representation of women at all levels across the organization. And then it is about nurturing, growing internal talent and providing opportunities for growth so that women are not just seen as a tick in the box ‘D&I initiative’.”

Neeta Mundra | Industry Transformation Advisor, Salesforce

Tech's Leading Women: Nine lessons on gender, culture, and building an inclusive workforce

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