We wanted to create a meritocratic environment that offered rapid promotion prospects for the best performers. We wanted to make sure the value was in the business and not just the individuals. We wanted to grow our own talent and benefit from the loyalty that comes with that. We wanted our business to be a global business able to support global clients. We have stayed true to that.

Our established brands are the recognized leaders in their markets. Our strategy of recruiting entry level trainees straight from University ensures we have a massive pool of talent we can tap into. Over 90% of our management is home grown and the Frank Recruitment Group is an organization that is built on opportunity, meaning we retain our best talent.

We're clear where we want to go over the next 5 years. We'll continue with our simple strategy of investing in new brands to service identified niches and we will continue to invest in our staff to make them better managers. Today's trainees are the Managing Directors of the future.

James Lloyd Townshend

Chief Executive Officer